#58 Thanksgiving, Frankie & Bowling

Week 58.1Well, this past week was a little tougher than normal. You just have to remind yourself that there are going to be weeks that just about kill your faith and there will be weeks that your just feel like you are on cloud 9. We have really struggled with keeping new investigators and we have tried our best to keep up the faith. Even in the midst of the work being slower and harder than normal we were still able to have a great week here in Kowloon City. I guess it’s just the fact that you have to always know “it is always good weather.” But the “good weather” is dependent on your attitude.

Here are the spotlights for the week of Nov. 23 -29, 2015…..


#1 THANKSGIVING!!! Thanksgiving was so great. We were able to have zone dinner. We were in charge of cooking the turkey and wow I never knew it took so much time to cook. We cooked it well and took it to Kowloon Tong. We had a great time with happiness and gratitude. We were all so grateful to serve a mission here in Hong Kong. I just love it here! The food was good too, although I kind of missed Mom’s Dixie salad. Also, I think it was the first meal in a long time that I didn’t have rice. Haha! I love rice. Now it was a bit weird not to eat rice with it but we made do with it.

After Thanksgiving we went a visited our investigator family, the Tam family. Now it was a miracle we could see her because she was just so busy that we could only fit in a little bit of time. We gave her daughter the Book of Mormon Stories Book and read the first chapter with her.(In Chinese – Traditional Characters.) I could read the most of the characters. My character learning is slowly but surely. Nikki, the daughter, is such a smart little girl. We invited her and her mother to read a chapter together. We really like the Tam family but it is hard because the father does not like us. He is completely against Christianity. Although it may be hard, the daughter Nikki, is growing her own testimony really well. I think her father’s opposition makes her need to choose now as a little 7 year old. The family is great and we will continue to pray for the father.

Week 58.2#2 – Frankie. I can’t remember if I told you but Frankie is moving to mainland on Nov 31. He is changing his job in the stock market because it is just too stressful. I don’t blame him. I have heard the stock market is not super great as a of late. So, we had kind of like a goodbye dinner with him at Brother & Sister Fen’s house. It was such a great time. The best was that we were all able to share our testimonies with Frankie. He really wants to know but he needs more time. I am hoping that he likes Mainland and can really find out for himself why he needs God and how God can help him. Frankie is so awesome and I am so grateful I have had the privilege to teach him and testify to him. He was the hardest person I have ever taught but in the end most rewarding. I hope he likes Mainland and can learn more about himself.

#3 – Fiona. We met a new investigator named Fiona last week. She is friends with a member in TST and the Elders met her on the street. The best part was that she called us and wanted to schedule us. It has been a long time since that has happened to me. We were super excited. It turns out a long time ago she was an investigator and now she wants to learn more and change her life. She is really great. She was sick this week so we haven’t been able to see her again but plan to this week.

#4 – Bowling. We went bowling last prepration day and it was so funny to see lots of Asians bowling for the first time. It was so great and quite a fun stress reliever. I mean you just chuck a ball down a lane and hope it hits something. It was great to be around so many great people. We went with Sister Yong (my trainer), S. Hansen (S. Mendoza’s trainer), S. Cochran, S. Gamboa, and a few members from Shatin and Sheung Shui. It was a blast.

Now, things in Kowloon City are moving at a slower rate than normal. We are just pushing through and learning along with it. We still really enjoy serving together and love the work. This week my question will be to think more about how I can change myself and my area even more than ever before. I really want to become a different person. Like in the 4th Missionary talk – I want to change my nature. I am also hoping to have the faith this week to help my eyes feel better, as they are still a little irritated. I have read a little bit about Christ healing people and really hope to have faith that it could go away. I would like to try this way before I go to the doctor.

Some other things to add…. 1) Congrats, Jake on the Nomads Tournament!! 2) Glad you got to visit the Boussebaas. They are so great! 3) I got an email from our activity days. They are so cute!! I love those girls in our ward. Thank you so much!

This next week will be better! I love serving the Lord no matter the circumstance. I love Hong Kong! I love my mission! I love people! I love the Savior!!

I love you all:)
Sister Stromberg

NOTE:  Becca just bought herself some nice indoor soccer cleats and all of her roommates wanted to try them on.



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