#59 Miracles in the Spirit of Christmas

Week 59.1MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! It is now fully past Thanksgiving so it is a full on GO to celebrate Christmas. We sing Christmas songs in Chinese and dress warmly. It is great. The Christmas season is actually quite different than in ‘Merica:) But people are still excited and my favorite part would be sharing about Jesus Christ. I mean it is can Christmas! In Chinese it is 聖誕節 which literally means Holy Birth Holiday. I love it!

This week I was especially influenced by the Holy Ghost when we were introduced to the Church’s new Christmas video. IT IS SO GOOD!!!!! Here is the link if you haven’t seen it. https://www.mormon.org/christmas I am just blown away! Oh! I love it! Christmas is so happy and I am so grateful that I can have this time to serve the Lord.

So here is our first week of Christmas….

Week 59.2Monday (Nov 30) – We had a great time. We actually spent our p-day with investigators that we turned over to the English Elders. Natalia (Ecuador) and Namzey (Bhutan). It was so fun. We ate with them and then showed them around Mong Kok. It was so great to see them. They are going back to the States for their last semester later this month so we were happy to see them. Such great people.

We have been doing a lot of Less Active work and I love it. I love less-active work. They have a testimony it is just dormant in their lives. They just need to be reminded of it. We had a really successful and I would call it as a miracle lesson. We have a less active named Sister Kwan. Week 59.3She moved to our ward from Shatin and that is why she is less active. She doesn’t have any friends and she never was really welcomed into the ward. Missionaries have tried to work with her for quite sometime now and she hasn’t really fully came back to church. We prayerfully decided to meet with our relief society President and RS 1st Counselor and introduce them to Sister Kwan. It was such a great experience and lesson. Sister Kwan just opened up and really made some friends. We are working really hard to help her return fully to church. But this week I am so grateful for our Relief Society President, Sister Debby Lau. She is so amazing and I love serving with her.

Wednesday (Dec 2)– We had some great member visits and a great visit with our recent convert too. I am so happy. We visited a member with the cutest kids. Their last name is the Kwan Family (In reading this letter you might think that there are lots of people with the name Kwan:)). So cute!

Thursday (Dec 3) – Another great day full of finding, less-active work and visiting with a member, Sister Megan Lau.

Kwan family we visited

Kwan family we visited

Saturday (Dec 5) – We went finding in the morning and then at night after our studies we went to a lovely Christmas Devotional that was in Wan Chai with a potential named Fiona. It was really great and us missionaries sang a little bit. Luckily it was in English. I was able to see some members from Cheung Sha Wan and it made me super happy! Plus I talked with the Mandarin Sister’s investigator in Mandarin/Cantonese and it was so fun! She is super cute! I love watching people’s faces when I speak Mandarin and Cantonese to them. Oh I love it! It is a great conversation starter:) I was also able to see a Popo that I used to sit next to in English Class every Wednesday back in Cheung Sha Wan. Her name is Cheung Popo. She speaks Mandarin. I saw her and she was so happy! She said she didn’t know where I went. I was so happy! Now back then you can just picture me being this little baby missionary who barely speaks Cantonese sitting next to this Popo who speaks Mandarin. I have no idea how we communicated. It must have been hilarious to watch. I was so happy to see her. It was a great concert and I was happy!

Sunday (Dec 6) – I love SUNDAYS!!! They are the best part of the week for me. I get to see all of our members. We had a really powerful sacrament testimony meeting. I knew I wanted to bare my testimony so I was like the 3rd person. I was so happy and I love all of them. Then throughout the whole meeting people bore their testimonies about missionary work. All us missionaries shared and then our Relief Society President, Sister Debby Lau, shared her testimony. She brought me to tears. I just love members! Sister Lau had helped us so much and I am so grateful to be able to serve with her. She is such a great person. Mom, no need to worry. She takes good care of us.

Then Sunday night we had a great testimony fireside for those missionaries going home. 15 sisters are returning. So many. I loved listening to all the great missionaries who will be going home. I sure will miss them. They are great friends and I loved serving with them. Oh and I got to see A-Pui! that made me happy:):)

I love Kowloon City. We are doing great. We had some really great miracles with less-active work this week and we also found out that our recent convert wants to go on a mission. One miracle while we were in Kowloon City finding is that we decided to go visit a less-active named Esther whom missionaries have tried to find for years. She picks up the phone but it has been a long time since missionaries have visited. We visited her thinking at 2:30 pm she would be at work but lo and behold she was home! We were really happy to meet her. We invited her to our Christmas party and really hope she can come with us on the 24th of December. It would be a great way for her to start coming back to church.

Miracles happened this week with less active work and in a way that I did see coming. The Lord is testing us but it will all be worth it in the end. I love serving the Lord!!! It is the best thing!

Sister Mendoza and I are loving serving together. It is hard work, but really rewarding. We have the same goals and we work really well together. We are both super excited for the Christmas season and are working hard and expecting some miracles to happen. It is great. I love missionary work! I love you! Have a great week filled with the Spirit of Christ!

PS> Last P-Day I got to teach Sis Mendoza how to play soccer!


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