#60 A Hard Goodbye & Moving to the Point

Caroling our RS Pres.

Caroling our RS President Sister Debby Lau

All I can say is that I am moving…. and I am TRAINING!!!!!

Quite a change if you ask me! I will be moving on Wednesday to West Point (on Hong Kong Island. The only thing I know about it is that it includes Hong Kong University). My trainee and I are whitewashing the area (means that they moves all of the missionaries out of there. A brand new start.)

President called me on Saturday night. I didn’t think he was going to call that early. Sister Mendoza and I thought that we would both be training. We have 15 sisters leaving and 18 or so coming to Hong Kong!!!!! So many Sisters. President called and extended the call to us. And then Sunday night we found out who was staying and who was moving. So I am moving to West Point and Sister Mendoza will stay in the lovely Kowloon City with her new trainee as well.

This week was a great week to end on here in 九龍城. I love Kowloon City! This is the best place to serve. I am excited to be able to help a new missionary but I know it will be a challenge but also a great experience. The Lord needs me and my trainee there. I cannot lie that I shed some tears knowing that I will leave this great ward. They are so amazing! As I was talking to Sister Mendoza last night she said, “It is okay. You know you have given them all your love and you don’t want to leave this area. The Lord expects that of us because then we know we have held nothing back. You have given them your whole heart.” It is true. I love Kowloon City!!! So many miracles have happened and Kowloon City will have a special place in my heart:) ❤

Okay well I am also super excited to go to West Point. I don’t know anything about it other than it contains the Hong Kong University. It sounds quite like a good place. I am excited for a new turn of events and I know the Lord needs me and my trainee now in West Point. I am going to put my whole heart in West Point as I have Cheung Sha Wan and Kowloon City.

Sister Mendoza and her trainee will take care of Kowloon City for the Lord. They will be great! I am also excited for Sister Mendoza to be Sister Training Leader. She is a great example and always has been to me especially. She is a great missionary and a hard worker. She will be an exceptional Sister Training Leader.

Cooking Filippina soup with Sister Chung

Cooking Filippina soup with Sister Chung

This past week in Kowloon City is great. I love this place. We have a few investigators who are slowly progressing but they are quality investigators. They have stayed around for a while and a deepening their testimonies. I think the best part of our week in teaching was visiting our investigator Menzie. She lives half the time in To Kwa Wan & half of the time in Yau Tong. We were able to receive permission from the Assistants to go visit her during the week since she doesn’t have a cell phone we can’t contact her. She introduced 3 of her friends to us (A-Kie, Anson & Grace). It was such a great experience. They all believe in Christ and are great young girls. I really hope that Menzie’s friends can come and tour our church. They are the only ones in their families who are believers. Great girls with strong testimonies. It was also another step for us with Menzie that she trusted us enough to introduce us to her friends.

We are doing great. I have really enjoyed serving with Sister Mendoza. She is such a outstanding missionary and I think she will be a great trainer. I love Kowloon City. The members are really great. We have been caroling some members as of lately and it is really successful. I feel like it brings the ward into balance and they are become unified like a big family. It is really great and happy to see them. When we visit our members we invite them to write a Christmas card to another family in the ward, a less-active or a non-member friend or relative. Then we will invite them to bring a friend to the ward Christmas party on the 24th of December. It is so great and I have already seen so much success. This ward is very blessed.

I have so many emotions right now but I am excited and anxious to serve the Lord wherever he needs me. As like Nephi said, “I will go and do.” This week will be an interesting one! A change…a big change! I will tell you more next week:)


Sister Stromberg


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