#62 Chinese Skypee & Hong Kong Has My Heart

Week 62.1This week was really great because I was able to SKYPE HOME!!!! It was such a blessing and a great experience. It was an answer to my prayers that I was able to find a place to Skype. We were on the Ding Ding (HK Island Tram) and saw it one day actually really close to our home. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. It was actually funny because almost all of the missionaries in our zone ended up going there to Skype home.

Christmas Skypee 2015

Christmas Skypee 2015

So in my title of this letter it says Chinese Skypee. Ha! In Hong Kong if you talk to people and ask about Skype they say Skypee! It makes me laugh every time. It was great to see the family on Skype. You are all grown up and are really great. I just loved hearing all of your voices and talking with you. The humor is something I miss but don’t worry I didn’t get homesick. Actually I haven’t talked to you in forever it kind of seems like it wasn’t real life that I Skyped you. I loved it though. I am happy to know that all of you are well and are still the same you…..just older looking:) It was a great Chinese Skypee session! 🙂

I love Hong Kong! well, here is our update for West Point.

Our investigator, Sumi, is coming along slowly. Her testimony is rock solid she just wants an answer that she needs to get baptized. I think she has already received an answer and the Lord isn’t going to tell her something that she already knows. I really hope to study more this week for her and help her realize her answer. It is one of the most difficult things is to help someone know that they have received an answer from God. It takes patience. Teaching her kind of reminds me of Frankie a little bit. You need a lot of patience and prayer then leave the rest to the Lord.

We picked up another investigator this past week. She was actually taught by the previous West Point Sisters. Her name is Leung Popo and she is 93. She is actually really there in the mind at her age. She is also really healthy. I had called her multiple times but she just kind of yelled at me saying she didn’t believe in Jesus. We visited her yesterday with our ward mission leader, Brother Chu. It ended up a really good visit and we are going to exercise with her on Tuesday morning. Which I am really excited for. You just look up HK Popo dance on Youtube. They are hilarious! Anyways, when we taught her she expressed that she is really lonely. She ended up crying a lot and we reassured her the gospel can help. She lives right across from the church so it is easy for her to get to. We are expecting some miracles and help on the Lord’s part to help her grow in the gospel.

Hong Kong has my Heart!!!!

I love this place more than I can even describe to you in writing or even say. I love the people, the fast paced world, the food, the view and mix it all with the gospel and you have a perfect recipe. It is so great! I especially love talking to people. There are so many people from all over the world. It is so fun! They normally ask a lot about how we know Chinese and it is a great conversation starter. (especially because I guess Cantonese is the 3rd hardest language to learn). Ha those people don’t have the Lord to help them. He is the strong one here. He has helped me a lot with learning Chinese and everything else as a missionary. I give my thanks to Him. When I think about about 1 1/2 years ago (when I got my call) I never would think I would come and serve in Hong Kong. It is the best! Sorry to break the bad news to you but I am not leaving. Being in West Point just makes me love Hong Kong even more. The views are beautiful and it is a fun place to serve. I don’t know what else to say other than Hong Kong has my heart! Amen.

I love this area. Well mom you asked for more about my companion. She is hilarious! I am laughing just about everyday. She has 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, and a little sister. She is 19. From San Francisco area. She studied Chemical Engineering at BYU for a year first. She likes baseball and to hike. Today we are going to Lion’s Rock. I am excited! Oh that is another perk of Hong Kong. You have the big city and then you have hiking places and mountains, Plus the ocean! It has everything!

Where we live. You could say we are super smart... smart to serve the Lord

Where we live. You could say we are super smart… smart to serve the Lord

I am a happy missionary and I couldn’t be happier! The mission is for me! The Chinese are for me! Hong Kong is for me! The Gospel is for me! I am so immensely blessed for this opportunity to serve others and go about my Father’s work. I love the gospel with all my heart! Have a great week and have fun on the Cruise! Don’t have fun in Texas too long. That is my homeland;) Talk to you in a few!

The Craziest, Happiest, Chinese Loving Sister Missionary EVER!
Sister Stromberg


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