#63 I can’t believe it is 2016 in The Hong Kong

Week 63.2

Atop Lion’s Rock


I love Hong Kong. I am so happy for you family. Don’t have too much fun in Texas or Belize without me:) I have got to say that Hong Kong is a party! A party of missionary work and changing lives. That is what we do and it is the best thing! I couldn’t ask for a better time and place to help people and bear testimony of Jesus Christ’s eternal power and atonement. My heart just keeps growing here. It is unstoppable….

So here is the break down of another incredible year in Hong Kong.

The Ding Ding - or Harry Potter Train

The Ding Ding – or Harry Potter Train

This week I was able to understand a little bit more of a typical Hong Kong Popo, what every person wants. I love them! They are so genuine and really know what matters most. Most people in Hong Kong are too busy to realize and understand the whole picture. It’s hard to help them realize it but the Popos, they are so innocent and are not busy. I love them. They don’t hold anything back. Let me tell you a bit about them. 1. They say what comes to mind. Have basically no filter. Straightforward people. 2. The exercise every day with really ridiculous exercises. The have variety. Oh I hope you got our email for us doing Tai Chi in the morning with Popos. 3. The are simple. Everything is simple. I especially love teaching the gospel to them simply. 4. They are so cute!

Family sending 3 kids to BYU

Family sending 3 kids to BYU

What brings all this up is that we are teaching a 94 (almost 95) year old Popo. She is so cute and hilarious. Her name is Leung Popo and she lives in the same building as us. Here are some things that I love about her that happened this week. 1. We exercised with her one morning and it was fun. She loves her exercise and is really healthy for being that old. She walks just about as fast as us. Her mind is super sharp and she loves life. She also makes jokes about dying all the time. She has quite the humor. 2. When we shared the First Vision we asked what she thought of the Joseph Smith video. She said, “Ngoh geng ge la!” ( I am scared!) All she could focus on was that the grass was too long where Joseph prayed and she was afraid that a snake would attack him. Ha. She is so cute! We may need to teach that again:) 3. In Relief Society Sister Curtis had a hard time staying awake. I understand though because when you don’t understand a language and you do missionary work you are tired. I understand. I was once there. Anyways, she was dozing and Leung Popo just laughed at her and shouted really loud that she was sleeping. It was hilarious to watch. She is great. I love Leung Popo. She has some really great friends here and I loved watching everyone react to her coming to church. Most of them were surprised she was that old. I may need to learn some tips from her:)

We have a couple of other new investigators, including a pair of twins named Shark and Ocean. Yes they are girls and they brought their bearded dragon and iguana to the lesson. It was quite a lesson:) I loved it though. You never get bored here. We are coming along with people to teach. For the best things in life you have to wait….like cookies:) Just kidding there are way more things than that. The gospel’s blessings to name only one.

I love them!  Welcome 2016!

I love them! Welcome 2016!

Lastly was my realization that I came to Hong Kong in 2014! Feels like forever ago but so close at the same time. I lived all through 2015 and now get a few more times with these people in 2016. Time has flown by so fast. I feel like I just got here. This past Monday we went and hiked Lion’s rock. I hiked it almost a year ago to the day. It is such amazing to see the difference. Not only has the city changed but also I have changed. The gospel and service really do change people. It is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. I had a few moments this week when I looked back at where I was a year ago and I am so immensely grateful for serving the Lord. As missionaries you always want to help other and give as much as you can because you can see people’s potential. You can see them in a sense the way that their Heavenly Father sees them. It’s Glorious. But when you really take a look you just see how much the Lord has blessed you. I could never repay Him but I can love and serve Him forever.

I love my mission and I love the Lord. There really isn’t much more to say. So. Peace out and I will talk to you next week:)



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