#64 Update on the Island

Week 64.1

Xinyuan from Beijing.  We met her while finding on Central Pier.  Our conversation was half Mandarin and half English!

The Island.  Hong Kong island.  I love it!  I still have to pinch myself to remind me that I am serving on the Island but I love it. The people here are really different than in Kowloon but I love it! I would say probably the biggest difference would be that there are more foreigners than in Kowloon. I guess I could say I am not the only white person on the train now:) We had a pretty great week! Nothing too much crazy or out of the ordinary happened.

This week we have been able to bring our teaching pool up to about 4 investigators. We are so happy to be able to teach these people. It is so amazing to see how when we first came here there wasn’t much going on in the area investigator wise. Now we are teaching 4 people. What surprised me this week was that our progressing investigator is our 94 year old Popo. She is so cute and happy. She has already been to church 3 times and loves it. We are going to see her three times this week to keep contact and to really try to help her understand as simple as possible. As missionaries sometimes it is hard to teach simple but when you are teaching someone who remembers about as much as a 6 year old you have to teach simply. I am excited to learn from the Spirit when we teach Leung Popo. She is really funny. We hope to explain more about baptism this week.

Week 64.2

The Bishop & his family

This week we called a former investigator who has heard all the lessons. Her name is Sister Tse. We met up with her and she is really humble. She has had a really hard life and it seems to have taken her whole life under addictions and not knowing where to turn for peace and truth. When we met with her she cried a lot and really opened her heart to us. We explained to her that we both didn’t know her before so she can start fresh now. She can have a new start. She agreed to learn. We left her with a Living Christ and she committed to read it each day. I think she has the desire but lacks the self confidence.

We have been really trying to help our 14 year old investigator Sumi to apply the gospel in her life. She has been taught for probably 3 years and has her baptismal record signed. She says that she is just waiting for an answer to get baptized. We will continue to work with her.

This week I went to an eye doctor in TST named Doctor Sou. She said that my eye had an infection from the pollution. She gave me some antibiotics and I will see her next Wednesday to follow up. So there is no more need to worry but I am grateful for your prayers these past few months.

Week 64.3Sorry my letter isn’t super packed with info. It was a pretty low key week. This next week we are going to make a day out to the islands of our area. We are thinking of going to Peng Chau or Cheung Chau. We are going to look for some less-actives. The most exciting part is that they have pakmuhn (knocking door) places. I am super excited! I have never done it my entire mission:):) Super pumped!

I love you! Glad you had fun and are safe:)


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