#65 HK Hospitals & Exchanges

Week 65.4Don’t worry we aren’t dead. We’re okay.

My poor companion

My poor companion

We had a really interesting week. I would say the most interesting of it all was we basically spent 7 hours with doctors and hospitals yesterday for my poor companion. She has been sick the past couple of days and we went into the Hospital to get it checked. To shorten things up it is an infection of some kind. They gave her some antibiotics and she will be resting for a while this week. But here are somethings I learned over this weekend…. 1) Hong Kong Emergency rooms are really different than US, 2) Hong Kong has a lot of old people, 3) I failed at pronouncing the names of the medicines to President Lam on the phone. He laughed at me:), and 4) It is really convienent and really great to have a doctor on Speed dial aka President Lam. So no need to worry. We got it all figured out. Our members are great and one of them who is a doctor accompanied us to the hospital. They even brought Sister Curtis some Congee. It was soo good! I love our ward! It is so sweet how much they cared about us. I got multiple calls from them this week. But all is well.

As for the work….

Sis Yong goes home soon

Sis Yong goes home soon

This week was really interesting. We were able to see a lot of people this week and we had some great lessons. We met a couple of less-actives in the ward and they seem to be really interesting people. They give our ward leaders a head ache as it seems. They just seem not to have a real desire to change and the drive isn’t there for the committment that they made. I feel really bad for them but I will try my best to help them remember their testimony.

This week we had exchanges. I stayed in West Point and Sister Yost came to West Point with me. I am so happy. She is a great missionary and we get along really well. It was a great exchange. We learned a lot and laughed a lot on exchanges. She kind of reminds me of Hanna (Gold). They even laugh really similar. Anyways, I learned how to better help my less-active members and how to really put myself in their shoes. Sister Yost is a great missionary. She is great at talking to everyone.

We met with one of our less actives named Chan Suet Ping. She is really cute and I think she is 85 years old. We had a really great lesson with her and were able to help her so much. The best part of the lesson was that she really opened up to us at what is really bothering her and was able to let us know her situation more. I really want to help her. Apparently her son in Canada is really sick with a type of blood sickness. I think maybe Lukeimia. I am not quite sure. We were able to talk about faith and how prayer coupled with faith can bring miracles and bring her closer to the Lord.

Leong Popo

Leung Popo

We were able to teach our Popo this week too. She is so cute! 94 years old and still going strong. We taught her or rather re-taught her how to pray as she forgets a lot. She is really great and loves Jesus and the church. She came to church this week again and is really starting to develop friendships with the ward members. She has come to church 3 out of the 4 Sundays that we have been here. The ward is really starting to notice and now they are all taking turns sitting with her in church and talking to her. I love seeing her face light up from all of our members and how happy church makes her. She is a super cute and sassy Popo.

Doing great! The Lord’s work is still moving. Working on finding more investigators! I love being a missionary!

This was in a separate email:  Hey super happy story!

Do you remember when you gave me those missionary name tags? So I sent them to some Primary kids here in my last ward. KLC. The kids loved it and wore them all on Sunday. They were so happy! They even brought some friends (with parents) to church that sunday. They are taking families for the missionaries to teach! Miracles!

Anyways, some more kids went up to Sister Mendoza and asked for one. I have only a few left but I want to send them to CSW and my ward here now. Could you send me maybe 20 more. Even putting them in an envelope is fine. Success to the ward. I guess the kids were so happy! Thanks again mom for sending me them. If it is too much no worries. I am just super happy. The members here don’t have deseret book or things of that sort. They just have to be really creative. I feel like they saw it as gold. Also maybe some ctr rings too. like the cheap ones. Sis. Mendoza said it just spread like wildfire in Kowloon City! Thanks


dried fish bladder

dried fish bladder


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