#67a Popo is scared of cold water

These past 10 days have been great. We have been quite busy. Probably my favorite part of the 10 days was that we were able to invite our investigator Leung Popo to baptism on Feb 14. She accepted!!!! I have learned a lot of patience from her. She doesn’t remember anything we teach but she always says she feels good when she comes to church and she loves Jesus. I have heard from other missionaries who have taught the Elderly that you really have to be smart when teaching them. Teach with pictures and repeat things so that they can remember them. We have used the same picture of Jesus and baptism to help her remember. She is a really great woman and really funny. Her comments are always really funny. I don’t understand them sometimes and I just realized why, she is speaking in Chinese poetry and colloquial sayings!! My knowledge of that is like a grain of sand. It makes me laugh. She is progressing really well.

The Yeung Family. Our Bishop's twin brother.

The Yeung Family. Our Bishop’s twin brother.

She didn’t go to church because it was 2 degrees outside, which I understand. It is so cold here and some people’s bodies can’t take it so I am happy she stayed in. When we taught her on Tuesday she was wearing 8 shirts!!! 8! She counted them for us:) But she is doing great. The ward is helping her a lot more. We might need to change her baptismal date to a week later but we will keep you posted. She is a great woman and I love teaching her about Jesus Christ! Oh and when we talked about her baptismal date she was a little scared because she said the water will be too cold. She is so cute! We assured her it would be warm:)

On Sunday night we were able to  visit a less-active family. Basically the mother is less-active and the daughter. The 12 year old son comes to church and passes the sacrament. A really great family though. We invited them to invite a friend or school mate to come to the Chinese New Year activity. The daughter, Kitty, was really happy and willing to accept our challenge. I am really excited. We were also able to meet with our Relief Society President and a few other members to discuss what we can do to help them. They will come around. Prayer, diligence and faith on our part and the members will come first. Our ward is really great! West Point for LIFE!!

Channy and her cute kids from Burundi Africa

Channy and her cute kids from Burundi Africa

About a week ago I met a really great woman from Africa and we turned her over to the English Vic 1 Elders! So cute! They are from Burundi, Africa but were placed in a Rwanda refugee camp. Great down to earth famiy! I shared a picture for you:)

This past week my companion and I decided to make a covenant with the Lord. We had heard through the grape vine that the Sisters in Kwun Tong had this covenant thing and were ripening with success. We both want more success and baptisms. We decided to make a covenant with the Lord. It will be harder than I expected but will bring more blessings. We will work on it more this week and teach more lessons. Our goal is simple but will need a lot of work. I have faith that with our obedience and diligence to our covenant and the mission rules we will see success. After all the Lord never lets us down. His plan is always to help and bless us.

I am excited to go to the temple today. It will be really great! This next few days will bring more blessings!



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