#67b Temple & Chinese New Year Preparations

Week 67b3These last 4 days have been great. We have been able to teach more people and this week we met our goals. We met 9 of our goals in the key indicators. I was so happy! We just this last week started a covenant with the Lord to help our area. It was really hard to keep up with and we are exerting all the effort that we have. In just one week I can see the blessings! Woohoo! The Lord really does provide. He wants us to give all that we can up and work more more and more and then He will pour His blessings out on us. I have already seen it. Although we still only have 1 investigator and we dropped the other one this week we are finding more people to teach. Slowly but surely. After all the best things in life take time and patience….like chocolate chip cookies:)

Week 67b1On Saturday we did some service with the ward. We made some Chinese New Year fish out of Red Packets! Then went and visited some elderly members of the ward who have no way of attending church. It was awesome! We went with our Relief Society President. It was such a great time to get to know our members and serve together with them.

We were able to teach Leung Popo twice this week. We found our she drinks coffee every morning. It really surprised me. Most Hong Kong people drink tea but I never would of thought I would meet a 94 year old Popo who loves coffee. Well, her family doesn’t like that she drinks it and we committed her to quit. We will keep praying and working with her. We just need to make sure her desire is pure. But other than that she is great! Always laughing and super fun to teach:)

Week 67b4On Sunday our investigator Leung Popo didn’t come to church:( I am not sure what exactly happened. She just didn’t pick up the phone or answer the door but nonetheless the Lord provided someone at church named Floren who we were able to meet and reschedule. Apparently though, according to her record, Floren has schizophrenia and the ward had asked missionaries to not teach her. So we will see her once and probably won’t reschedule. It will be an interesting experience. Actually on my mission I have taught so many people with mental illnesses I have stopped counting.

We were able to meet with a less-active last night. She had promised that she would attend church with us but once again she didn’t show up. Vicky is a really interesting person. She is 35 but acts like she is 10. A lot of patience and faith in the Lord to help her return to full activity in the church. We will work with the ward to help her more.

I love you all and have a FANTASTIC WEEK!!

Love,  Sister Stromberg


Week 67b7


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