#69a Chinese New Year, Round 2!

Week 69.2I love Chinese New Year! It is so full of fun, laughter, family and talking to so many people. We are so lucky because it is like another Christmas to us. I love it! It is full of weird foods that you don’t think will digest in your body, talking to everyone and wishing them a healthy body and also smelling all the burning incense. But it is a grand old time.

This week I am going to use pictures to tell some stories:)

Peng Chau

Peng Chau

Peng Chau~  So we are one of the only areas in the mission that has islands in our area. That means we can take a boat to our area. It is so cool. We went to one of the islands called Peng Chau. It means peaceful island and it was so peaceful! We basically walked around the entire island and went “paakmuhn-ing”. I knocked doors for the first time in my entire mission experience. It was so exhilarating. It was such a cute island. It was so fun!

We went to visit a Less-Active. It was a very interesting experience. She hasn’t been to church in a very long time and she totally has doctrines wrong and everything. She still really likes the church and knows it is true. She just has no drive to wake up at 6am to take a boat and come to church. She talked a lot and was really sweet. I think she hasn’t talked to some people for a while. She does live on a tiny island that also only has one grocery store.

I LOVE CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!~  It is my favorite time of the year. It is the only time when we are doing studies and then all of a sudden there are giant drums being played and parties on the street. It is great! This is a Lion head of traditional lion dance. It is so cool and fun! To answer some of your questions…

1) We do receive Red packets but we use the money for fast offerings. It is fun to receive them though:)

2) We had a ward party yesterday and our popo came. It was so fun! They did the lion dance and we ate some food. Lots of traditional food that I don’t know how to say it in English.

3) It is kind of hard for missionaries to celebrate Chinese New Year. Since it really focuses on family it is the prime finding time for us when families are out and about. They all go to family homes and eat dinner. It is really sweet. Also lots of people go back to Mainland where the festivities are HUGE!!! We had a normal week with lots of finding. The stores are still closed though. Most of the family owned ones are at least closed for 5 to 18 days of Chinese New Year! Everyone is just having a party…. for 18 days. We did a banner find with the Mandarin missionaries. I will send a picture. We stopped a German family and they were so cute. We also stopped a French couple. I tried to use my French but I couldn’t say much. Basically if they don’t speak Cantonese then my Mandarin comes out. If they don’t speak Mandarin then jibberish comes out. I could only say hello and tell them my name. I’ll work on it.

The Prosperity Burger at McD.  It was good and will bring us luck!

The Prosperity Burger at McD. It was good and will bring us luck!

The Popo~  Our investigator, Leung Popo, is doing great. I think she is progressing again. We have really worked hard with her. She loves coming to church and talking with us. She is just always super happy and laughs a lot. In our last lesson she was saying some Chinese Poems and made our member cry laughing. She is always a great person to be around. We have concluded that she has quit drinking coffee and I have no doubt that angels are helping her because she never remembers to drink her coffee in the morning. I consider that a miracle. She is progressing to February 20th, 2016 baptismal date. She wants to get baptized and her main goal is to see and be with her parents and family forever. Sharing that piece of the gospel with her was a very happy moment. She is so cute. The only problem we have with her is sometimes on Sunday mornings she can’t leave the house because of two reasons 1)too cold outside. She is 95 so I understand. 2) Her children don’t let her outside the door. I am not quite sure how to help the second reason other than having a few members meet her granddaughter and son. We will keep thinking and praying. Our members love her so that is great.

I love serving in HK! It is so great and fun! I love being a missionary:) The Best thing I have ever done!!! Have a great week and Happy New Year!

Taste of home

Taste of home

WEek 69.5

I died when we found Mexican Food!!!


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