#69b Preparing at 95

Week 69.6These past couple of days have been great! Nothing too much happened. We had some miracles though. I have had lots of prayers answered this week in be half of Leung Popo. She has no memory so it makes it hard to schedule her but the most amazing thing is that she does remember the things we teach her to a certain degree. I was worried that she would not answer the phone on Sunday morning so I prayed and prayed so much for her! My prayers were answered and she came to church. She is doing great. Her baptismal interview is Tuesday at 3:30 which I am worried about. I hope she doesn’t forget. We will pray and work hard for her. Then if she passes she will be baptized at the ripe age of 95 on 20 February 2016. I am so EXCITED!!!!! I really am so happy and grateful that I get to help her prepare for baptism. The best thing is that she is more or less preparing for the rest of her life on earth and into the eternities where her husband and parents are. She is such a strong person! I love her!

Here are some fun facts about Leung Popo….

– She has 5 generations right now.

– She has fake teeth because she only has 2 real teeth. She is hilarious when she doesn’t bring her fake ones.

– She loves to laugh. She cries laughing too.

– She is a poet and loves old Chinese sayings which I have not idea what they mean but I just laugh anyways.

– She shows everyone her scar on her knee that is about 5 inches. She loves it. I have seen it probably 20 times.

– She wears like 8 shirts at one time.

To sum it up she is the funniest woman ever! I love her. Even at 95 she is preparing for baptism. Prayers and love sent her way. Keep her in your prayers. She is going to need it:)

We also had another miracle. We gained our investigator Sumi back. We dropped her after she didn’t show up to a few lessons and wasn’t progressing. Then she showed up to English Class and church. We were so happy! She had some family problems so now we are taking her back and trying to help her family too a little bit. We are going shopping with her today. We are super excited to have some time with her. It will be a good p-day.

That has been the just of this week. Pray for Leung Popo. She is great! I love you all! Have a great week:)


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