#70 The Lord Provides

Week 70.1This week has been great. We really saw many miracles come in West Point and we found many more new investigators. We are so happy. So this past month we have been covenanting with the Lord. You may have heard about it from the Kwun Tong Sisters. I must admit that it is really hard but the Lord does provide. This past week we were able to find many new investigators and were able to find some who will progress to be baptized. We are so happy!

Leung Popo was originally supposed to be baptized on Feb 22 but our Ward Correlator wasn’t there and the ward just didn’t know how to help us and what not so we changed to this Saturday Feb 27 at 1:30 pm in West Point Chapel. She has progressed a lot and now she even calls us to see us and have us share lessons. We are so happy! She is so great! Her family will be hard to talk to because they are so closed off and won’t even give us the chance to talk to them. Leung Popo said not to worry. Just teach her and all will be fine. She is so cute. We taught her about family history and she is really excited. She wants an eternal family which is awesome! She is really excited to prepare names to go to the temple and wants to help her ancestors and parents. She could help so many people in the Spirit World. It is amazing. I can’t wait.

We met a new investigator that the Elders gave us from off the street named Iris. She is really sweet and really wants to know. The thing is is that we don’t know if she is a little bit crazy or she is affected by her brain tumor. She came to church yesterday and loved it. She participated and came to all three hours. She was really wanting to learn. She is quite and doesn’t quite act normal. Hopefully the gospel can help her a lot more. She is so happy to see us and learn though. Her story of meeting Christ at Christmas is so powerful and great. I can see her potential. We will continue to teach her and help her come unto Christ.

We are working hard. We found some other new investigators. The Pok Fu Lam Sisters gave us a great investigator last night named Rebecca. She is so sweet and is just so confused at the Christian churches and wants to know which one is God’s church. She has prayed about the Restoration and hasn’t received an answer yet. We really hope to help her more. She is divorced and has a 12 year old son. I think our ward will be really excited as they are always welcome to more youth.

I am excited for today with President Stevenson. I was lucky enough to her him speak to us last Februray which was great. I learned a lot. Now he is an apostle and it will be great to learn more from him and the spirit. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve in Hong Kong! Being a missionary is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


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