#71 Leung Popo BAPTIZED at 95 years old!

Week 71.1Wow this week has been the most Stressful, Exciting, Rewarding, Happy, Scary and Best WEEK as a MISSIONARY! Leung Popo got baptized! She is 95 and still going strong! I absolutely love her and I am so happy that all went well. It was quite stressful when she was baptized. I mean not many 95 year old people get baptized. She was a little scared at first but it all worked out. A 16 year old member baptized her and we were worried because it was his first one too. I am just happy that she is a ‘go with the flow’ kind of person. She is always happy and funny.

We exerted lots of prayers on her behalf and worked really hard to help her get baptized. It all started with that we couldn’t get ahold of her for 2 days. It scared us so bad. We finally found her after much prayer and fasting. The only way we found her was by listening to the Spirit. I am so grateful that we were able to find her. She had not remembered that it was Saturday. She was so happy though and was worried she would miss her own baptism. She was super happy. I think the experience with her really showed her desire to be baptized and follow Christ. She is so great! It was a rollercoaster of a baptism but was worth it to help another soul come unto Christ. It will bless her now and all her generations!

Week 71.3We have few investigators but have good quality people to teach. We extended another Baptismal date for March 20 to our other investigator Floren. She is so happy and just wants to change. She previously investigated for 6 years and stopped. Then she all of a sudden showed up at church. We have been teaching her and she is progressing really fast and making the necessary changes in her life to continue on the way back to Christ.

We will continue to work hard and really try to help all the people we can come unto Christ. We may need to sift out more people but the Lord knows who is prepared. He is always helping us missionaries whether we realize it or not. I love the Gospel.

The Church is True!

Week 71.2

Her neck was cold.


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