#73 Daaih Faht & Kwun Tong

Week 73.2This week I was all over Hong Kong for many different reasons! I love the mission! It is so happy and I love the work. It is hard but the most rewarding thing ever! There are so many things that make up a mission. I have used a quote my entire mission that my cousin gave me. It totally describes my time here in HK as a missionary.

“On a mission you have those hard times, and then you will have those Heavenly times that help you remember the work that you are doing is eternal.” -Deanna Jenson

It is so true! This week I had all happiness and sadness that a missionary experiences. I would love to share some fun things with you….

Week 73.13I am loving serving in West Point. The members are so great and I love serving with them. They are so happy and love helping us. The finding in West Point is pretty hard. People on the street just don’t stop as much to talk to us. This week though we called a potential investigator from the potential sheet and she was interested. We taught a very powerful and spirit filled Restoration lesson. Wendy is 16 and really wants to know if our message is true. I think the one problem might be her family members. They are also Christian. She was supposed to come to church yesterday but didn’t and we don’t know why. We hope she is okay and will answer our calls later. Keeping a prayerful and faith filled attitude.

Our investigator Rebecca Yik is doing really well. Of course I absolutely love her. She is really sweet, straight from mainland, and has my same name:) She really loves church and learns a lot at church. She brought her son to church and now he has some friends. I am not sure if he likes it or not. He has a cold and was really quiet. We will see them on Tuesday with a  member family. I am so excited! She is doing well. We will be giving her a baptismal date next time we see her! She is an answer to our prayers!

Week 73.3This past weekend I went on exchanges with Sister Gomez in Kwun Tong. It was so fun! I loved serving with her and I loved Kwun Tong. It was nice to go finding in Kowloon again. The people are way more willing to stop and talk to us. We scheduled a family for them. Sister Gomez is great. She was a little scared at first because she has only been here like 3 weeks and had to lead the area. She is so strong and is a great missionary. She is hard working, happy, and is learning to love missionary work. She is doing great at adjusting to mission life! On our exchange she has her first Chinese food and thought it was okay. She is great and so happy! I am so grateful I got to serve with a great missionary! Also, on the exchange we got to go out of Kwun Tong to Kowloon City to teach their Recent Convert! WOW!!! Could I ever say I was so excited! My heart just pound that whole time there! So fun! I love Kowloon City! It was also great to serve in Kwun Tong! Also a place of miracles:)

Week 73.12Leung Popo is doing great. The ward loves her and are really happy when she comes to church. She is so great and learning so much. She almost has said a prayer all by herself. We will keep working on it. She is so happy to be a member and understands a lot. It is still hard for her in church as she can’t really hear and understand. She comes though because she feels at peace and happy. The Spirit is definitely the teacher for her. We will continue to help her come unto Christ and learn more. She is doing great. She always asks when she can go to heaven.

On Monday we went to Big Buddha! It was so fun to go back there and hike the stairs. A beautiful place. I loved it! We made some funny jokes and just engrossed ourselves in Chinese culture. Today we are going to Mong Kok with Sister De Ocampo and Sister Taylor:) So excited!

It was a great week. Although we dropped the cutest family we are working hard to see the fruits of our labors. Each day is different and each day you learn. Keeping my head up and working hard:)

This is a little diddy that she put in a separate email about her health…

So this last 3 weeks I have had some stomach problems. The nurse and I think it has something to do with lactose. I guess it makes sense because I haven’t had much dairy my whole mission until now because there is lots of western food now. We are going through some tests and trying to add on a little bit at a time. We will see if I am actually lactose intolerant. If I am it would only be to certain lactose products. I can keep you posted.Week 73.1

Week 73.16

signs that I think are really funny…

Week 73.17


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