#74 West Point is Hou Hou

My new Bruce LEE shirt! Pow!

My new Bruce LEE shirt! Pow!

This week has been quite great! It seems pretty normal but we extended a baptismal date to our investigator Rebecca and she accepted! We were so happy. She is progressing and doing well. She has come to church the past 3 or 4 weeks. I love helping her come unto Christ. She has the desire and really loves church. We have been seeing her about once a week and we would love to see her more than that. I really am so excited for her. Her baptismal date is 15 May 2016. She came to all of Stake Conference yesterday with her son and is doing great. I am a bit worried for her son, Daniel. He is a typical 12 year old boy. Trying to figure out how to help him like church but at least at church her has a friend in the ward:)

We had to change our other investigator, Floren’s baptismal date. She was really sad but at least she still has hope. She has some Word of Wisdom problems still. She is still willing to meet with us and really wants to get baptized. She will come around and we are working with her even more to be more prepared for baptism and following Christ will just make her so much happier. We will give her a baptismal date later. She is great though! I love her!

Mong Kok with my old room mates

Mong Kok with my old room mates last P-Day

This week we had quite the run around with Leung Popo. She had hit her head a few weeks back and has had a hard time lately with remembering things and all that. We had a member call us at 9 AM saying she was at her house and she wasn’t there and where is she? And we said of course she isn’t at her house, she is always at the market at 9 AM. Then an hour later another member called and said she called Leung Popo to chat but she introduced herself as Sister Ma and so Popo heard “Sister” and told her she would go to the church and hung up, so we had to go find her on the street and take her home. AND THEN an hour and a half later the Mandarin Elders called us and said Leung Popo was at the church waiting for us, with a ward member she ran into on the street and we had to go back over there and explain the situation and then the member took us all out for BBQ pork and rice. I love her so much though! She is so cute:) She calls us her Grandchildren:)

West Point is great! We were able to get closer to some members this week. It has been great! West Point has some great members! Even though the finding is really, hard the members make up for the hard times as missionaries. They are so amazing and so willing to help us! I love serving here. This week we also started with the members an activity called ‘Bring Your Friend to Church Day’. It will be on 24 April and we are excited! This will help our members feel the missionary spirit more and more. Looking back I have been blessed to serve in areas that all have AMAZING members! I am so happy:) I love working with them and learning from them!

Week 74.2Sister Curtis is great! Today, is her birthday so that is happy. She has finally joined the 20 year old club. We are going to eat and go to Kowloon Tong to pick up her package. I love serving with her. She brings a lot of laughter and hard work into the work!

Have a great week y’all!

Week 74.3


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