#75 Easter Sunday

True Asians eat popcorn with chopsticks!

True Asians eat popcorn with chopsticks!

This week was great! We really were able to work with members a lot more. I love working with members and they are such a blessing to us missionaries if we can create that relationship of trust. We have been working really closely with our Relief Society President lately and it just keeps getting better because then she also helps us build stronger relationships with other members too. It is so great here in West Point! I love it!

Making Pizza

Making Pizza

Our investigators are doing well. We are currently teaching 3 solid investigators; Rebecca, Floren, and Sumi. It was so great to teach them this week. We didn’t however have the chance to teach Rebecca because she is so busy with work. She works 10am-10pm 6 days a week. That is crazy. I feel bad for her son. This week we were able to have the Elders help us with her son which was great. Floren is doing great. She is still struggling with tea and coming to church. We are really trying and praying for her to overcome that. Sumi is great. We had previously dropped her and then picked her back up a few weeks later as she just showed up for us to teach her. She is cute and we had a really great lesson with her. We kind of gave her an ultimatum lesson. Obviously the Spirit was there and testified pretty strongly. We committed her to baptism and to start acting in the gospel so she can receive that answer she has been waiting for.

Sis Curtis' B-day with Chun Family

Sis Curtis’ B-day with Chun Family

Yesterday we were able to announce to our members with the help of our Bishop a great activity. It is called ‘Bring Your Friend to Church Day’. It is going to be great. We hope that our members can all bring friends. It was a pretty great presentation to them after church. Before it ended though I felt the Spirit tell me that I needed to bear my testimony and promise something to them. I stood up and shared a powerful testimony and I knew it was not me speaking but the Spirit. All I had to do was open my mouth and it was filled. It was really cool to see that happen. The promise that I made to them I could see it in all their eyes that they wanted it. The Spirit promised through me that West Point would have a much bigger ward and that their joy of bringing a friend into the gospel would be so great. Wow, the Spirit was so amazing. He definitely helped seal the deal and I think our members are more excited than they were. I was so happy:)

Week 75.4Easter Sunday was awesome! A great day to remember our Saviour and all that He does for us. It was amazing again to think about all the people I love in Heaven and that I really will be able to see them again:) Our ward sang and we had some great lessons. I love our ward. Afterward we went to one of our members, the Lau family, homes for lunch and to meet with their sister again. We really hope she can accept the gospel. They are a family and awesome members! I love working with them!

The mission is the Highlight of my LIFE! I love it! All of it!


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