#76 Nothing Better Than HK

fun service

Fun Service


This week was really great! This week was great! We visited a lot of members and taught a lot of full lessons. We are so happy to be serving in West Point! I love the members and working with them. When we were finding this week we found a lost sheep couple who was baptized in Australia 10 or so years ago. We hope to be able to see them again and help them come to church. They are an interesting situation though because they are Revolutionists(they don’t like the government and think they are the triads). So we will try our best to help them. They are a cute couple and live right next to the church.

I love the city! It is a part of me.

I love the city! It is a part of me.

Our investigator Rebecca is doing great! However, she did not come to church yesterday because her son wouldn’t wake up. She is reading and praying. We hope that she continues to progress towards baptism on May 15th. She is so ready and is a strong woman. Her testimony is growing and she is trusting the Lord in all she does. She is so sweet! We have some great member help with her. The ward loves her and are so happy that she likes church and is learning about this gospel. She is accepting it really well. This week we will teach the Word of Wisdom and hopefully Sabbath Day Observance.

Floren is still struggling with not waking up on time and the Word of Wisdom. She needs some prayers. Sumi is doing okay. She was sick on Sunday. She just needs to decide and continue on with the gospel. We will continue working with them and praying for them.

We had some members visits this week which was awesome! We went to Dim Sum with the Chu family after teaching Rebecca. It was so awesome! I love Dim Sum. I had cow and pig stomach. A little chewy:) Sister Curtis tried Chicken feet for the first time and was mainly confused because she didn’t know how to eat it. Hahaha! I love our ward!

Week 76.2We were able to do service for a lovely lady named A-Fei. She is plastering her home because it is really old and had some water damage. It was so great to serve her. You kind of miss service like that here in Hong Kong because people don’t really invite a couple of young adults to help them unless they need it. She is really nice and I loved talking with her. We are going to start teaching her this week. She has actually already been to a church meeting because her friend just got baptized in Tai Wai. She is awesome!

I am so happy to be a missionary! I love this work with all my heart. It is the Lord’s work and bringing people the Love of Our Saviour and Heavenly Father is the best! The sacrifice and the hardships of missionary work is so worth it because it is literally the Salvation of Souls. I love these Chinese people with all my heart! I love serving the Lord! The time has gone by fast but it is meant to because than we can use what we have learned to help more people. I love my mission:)

Have a great week! I am looking forward to MLC (Mission Leadership Training), Zone Training and General Conference. It will be a spiritual flight:)

Love Love, Sister Stromberg

I asked her about her responsibilities as a Sister Training Leader and this is what she sent:

As Sister Training Leader we are equal to Zone Leaders. We get the weekly goals and then starting this week we will be having a conference call with the Zone Leaders, Assistants, Pres. Lam and us to discuss our zone needs. We oversee the Sisters in the zone, help train the missionaries, conduct exchanges, etc. Each week we also must personally visit or call each Sister in our zone. It is great. A lot of work but fun! Plus, I get to know more of my Sisters. I love it!

Zone Sisters Day

Hong Kong Zone Sisters Day



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