#77 Spiritually Full

The HK Island Zone

The HK Island Zone

This week has been quite pleasant. We were very busy with General Conference, Zone Training, Mission Leadership Council, English Class, etc. I am pretty sure I looked crazy because it is a lot. I have been on a spiritual high. I love it though!

We were able to teach many lessons and be edified by our prophet and his apostles. We are doing great here in West Point. I love serving all of these people. I love serving as a Sister Training Leader as I am able to love and serve more missionaries in our zone. This past General Conference weekend I really enjoyed all of the talks. They are so inspiring and I learn lots through the Holy Ghost. I got answers to questions that I didn’t know I had. It was great. I really liked President Monson’s talk as I have been thinking about decisions for near future and all as well as how they will affect me. It was just what I needed. Also I really liked Elder Holland’s talk. It is amazing how strong the Spirit was throughout the conference.

The Lee Family

The Lee Family

Our investigators are doing okay. Floren is so great and has applied some things to her life from conference. She said that in Conference she understood more about the Tree of Life in Lehi’s dream. She has been thinking about it and we talked about it in our lesson last night. It was really great. She is building her testimony! YAY! She knows all the principles and lessons in and out as she has been taught since 2006. She recently came back wanting the gospel again. She is working on the Word of Wisdom as she has some tea problems. We are working with her and praying for her. We are also working to get members to be her friends because in the end that will help her stay active and strong against Satan.

Sumi and Rebecca are okay. We didn’t see Rebecca this week as she has been working a lot. But the Elders have been able to visit her son. Sumi came to conference but she didn’t look very happy. We are praying and studying how we can better help her. I know something is holding her back yet she keeps meeting with us. We just need to be able to discern her needs. Pray more and add oil right? Right. Then be patient because Heavenly Father has a plan for her.

Week 77.1I know time is fast here in the field. I am just loving it and trying to soak in all in even more. I love the mission. It amazes me though how Heavenly Father is slowly preparing me to end my service. Through small things he helps me. It is great! I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ whom I know know me better than I know myself. I am so grateful that I can serve them and also become closer to them.

With Love, Sister Stromberg


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