#79 I LOVE Missionary Work!

Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau

Wow, this week FLEW BY! The beginning of this week seems like it forever ago. I guess that is what happens when you are having fun:)

Can I just say that I love being a missionary!? It is the greatest thing ever! It seems kind of weird that I will be finishing my mission soon, it still doesn’t seem that quick. But, don’t worry because Heavenly Father is still blessing us!

We have been quite busy lately teaching lessons and visiting members. It has been great. Mainly we are working really hard for our upcoming ward activity that we have planned with the Ward Council. We have invited all of our ward members to “Bring a Friend to church.” It will be great and all four of us missionaries are speaking in sacrament meeting. Yay! I love Chinese but I am a bit nervous to speak. No worries it will be great. Then we will have a follow up FHE where the members can re-invite their friends to the church. It is going to be really fun:)

Week 79.2We taught quite a few lessons. It was awesome! The Lord is blessing us and we are loving it. Our investigators are slowly progressing but that is okay because conversion is a lifelong journey.

~Floren hasn’t dranken tea this week and she came to church for 1 hour!!! YES! We are improving! Then she got the flu so it has been kind of hard to schedule her. We are trying to figure out what we need to teach her to help her progress more towards baptism and the conversion in the gospel.

~I am a bit worried about our investigator Rebecca. She hasn’t been to church in 4 weeks because she has had to work last minute and has had her son’s school functions. She has been reading a little bit but not much, so we are making sure to work on that. She has the desire to come to church and our members love her so I think it will just take a little bit longer for her to adjust. She is however looking for a different job in which she can attend church on Sundays. We are so happy and hope that she can find a new job. Her son is doing well too. The Elders are teaching him and he reads and really likes the gospel. He is a happy and quiet 12 year old boy.

We doing great. Teaching lessons with members, working hard, and loving serving these people. I love serving in West Point. We have a great relationship with the members and are doing great. We looked back at our numbers from the first week or so before we got here and we have tremendously improved. The Lord is blessing us and we are seeing the hard work paying off, little by little.

Paamuhn-ing on our island Cheung Chau

Paamuhn-ing on our island Cheung Chau

Our companionship is great. We are great friends and it is pretty smooth sailing here. We both have the same purpose and are working hard. I love serving with Sister Curtis and the work in West Point is moving! It has been a great week.

Reading the emails of Brock and Zane getting their mission calls it make me so excited for Jake. The mission is the best and I have learned so much from it. I absolutely love it! There is no doubt it is the HARDEST thing I have ever done but… It is the MOST REWARDING and HAPPY thing I have ever done. I cannot thank the Lord enough for how much I have learned, fallen down, gotten back up and worked for the salvation of these souls. I love this work with my whole heart. All I can say to the missionaries preparing to leave is… prepare to work, pray, study, love and testify more than you ever have. It is a glorious work!

Week 79.6

Cheung Popo from 1st area speaks in Mandarin, Shanghai dialect & Cantonese. She’s hard to understand 🙂

I know that this church is true. The gospel blesses lives and changes them for the better. I have seen it and it has happened to me. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father.

I sure love all y’all!  Sister Stromberg


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