Flying Home – Words from my Journal

29 April 2016

I cannot believe it is the 29th of April already. That went my so fast. Chi sin (so crazy). As of the moment I am on Delta Flight #16 going from HK to Seattle, WA. It will take me about 11 hours 5 min. I and the plane are currently traveling at 616 MPH at 33,004 feet above the ground. Planes are so amazing aren’t they? Big huge chunks of metal in the air. Wow!

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am. I showered and got ready to go. We didn’t have breakfast so I had the meat off of a day old subway sandwich. Yummy right?

We said goodbye to Sister Lam and Sister Takahashi. Boy, do I love them.We got in the car and drove to the HK airport. Sister De Ocampo, Me, Sister Taylor, and Elder Black. It felt really weird and I don’t think I can believe it right now. I don’t think I will believe that I am not a missionary anymore until I am home by myself in….pants. It will be really weird and interesting to experience that.

Went to the airport and checked in our bags. Guess who was there? Sister Erica Lee and Sister Cheng from the Cheung Sha Wan Ward. They are going to Utah as well. What a coincidence??!! So cool. We will be on the same flight the whole way too:) So happy to see them. We said goodbye to the Lam’s and headed through security. They are great people and I love them so much.

We went to the terminal and security was a breeze which is so nice. I didn’t have to take off my shoes. Happy day! Oh, America. The Hong Kong airport is a huge tunnel and so pretty! If I were to build and airport it would be like this. Lots of respect to my Chinese people:)

Sister Taylor and I sat down next to a woman named Sandy from AZ. She really reminded me of Aunt Katie. She was cute. We talked with her for a while, actually SHE started the conversation. It was great to get that. We gave her am ‘I am a Mormon’ card and invited her to look at the website. It was definitely the Lord’s timing because her boyfriend’s kids are members and they are coming to stay for the summer. Connections! She said that she will look at the website and I think it will help her understand more about what the kids believe and have been taught. When we testified and talked to her I could feel that God loves her and has a plan for her:)

We got on the plane and I am about 3 rows from the back. Party in the back!!! Ya. Luckily my prayers were answered and I sat next to a Chinese mother and her daughter. They are going to visit New York. That is a long trip. We didn’t speak much but they know I am a missionary and that I speak Cantonese. They are surprised at my language as most people are:) The Gift of Tongues is real!

As we were taking off I could feel the end of my missionary work in Hong Kong. I could feel my heart strings to my mission in Hong Kong break. I could not stop the tears as the plane flew over Lantau Island and then Hong Kong Island. I love Hong Kong. I love my mission! It has changed me. I cried for a bit but I heard the Spirit tell me and speak peace to my heart that I will have many times to come back to Hong Kong. I trust in the Lord. He will help me.

Mom sent Sister James a letter to give to me. I cried all through it. I also cried all through dad’s letter too. My seat neighbors probably thought I was crazy or an emotional mess. I have become a softie on my mission. It is being in tune with the Spirit I guess:) I love this work though!

(A few hours later) – We are flying over the Pacific Ocean and I was looking at the clouds. They are so beautiful and majestic. How is it that they work and are just air but it is so pretty. The clouds looked like an arctic field. So white. There is no way that there isn’t a God. There is a God. Heavenly Father is literally our Father and He loves us immensely. Jesus Christ is my older brother. He created the clouds that are so beautiful and little puffy miracles:) I loved serving my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ full time in Hong Kong. A mission that I have waited since I was 3 years old to serve. It was worth it in every way and I loved every single second of it. The gospel is true and it is real life. The gospel is the only way to happiness. It is Eternal life if we seek it. I love Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. I sure love you Hong Kong. Always a place in my heart.

Love always,

Sister Stromberg